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Created on 2011-01-23 22:21:41 (#689471), last updated 2011-01-24 (347 weeks ago)

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Name:3 Sentence Fic
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[community profile] 3sentences is a community for writers who want to fics that are three sentences long based on a table of promts. We have several tables of 50 prompts for you to choose from. You may claim one character or pairing for each theme set. You can up to two open claims at once.

All fandoms and pairings are welcome. Original fiction is also allowed.


01. First, you must join the community.

02. Pick a theme set and make your claim. For each claim, you must include the character(s)' full names and the fandom's full name. No abbreviations.

03. There is no limit to how many people can claim a character or pairing.

04. You must write three sentences -- no more and no less -- for each theme on your table. You may not combine themes.

05. You can only post your sentences once you have completed all 50 themes. Please do not post incomplete theme sets. I will be checking each post for completeness and your posts will be deleted if they are not completely finished.

Posting Guidelines

01. All fandoms and characters are welcome, including original fic.

02. All ratings are acceptable. All posts must have ratings and warn for major triggers (including rape, incest, torture, etc.).

03. You may post your finished claims either in this community or link to an entry in your own journal. Please do not link to locked entries.

04. Giving feedback on completed claims is encouraged, but we have a zero flame tolerance policy. Any bashing of fandoms, characters, pairings, authors, etc. will not be tolerated and will get you an immediate ban for life.

05. Each completed theme set must have the following information when posting:

In the Subject/Title of your post, you must have the following information: Fandom, Character/Pairing

Layout credit: [community profile] mentahelada
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